Friday, 18 September 2015

Marc Bartra: "I'm very grateful to Del Bosque for all the trust he's shown me"

The Spanish squad full back, Marc Bartra held an interview with MARCA, sports daily, where he discussed the national team
In the interview, the FC Barcelona full back goes over his sporting career both on a club and national team level.
After going through the different Spanish squad categories, Marc Bartra discusses his time in the National Team: "Now I'm in the Senior team I am very grateful to Del Bosque for all the trust he's shown me in order to continue growing, helping the team to get further." 
He also spoke about the difficulty of staying among the top teams: "They've won two European Cups, the World Cup and it's hard to stay on top, but now it's time for change. Now we're a mix of U21 winners, U20 players and the best Spanish players." 
The defender is a demanding player and recognizes: "There's always room for improvement. Day by day you can evolve. Now I've got perfect teammates who bring out the best in me." 
Lastly, the footballer confessed that he's not always played as a defender: "I played on the inside, went through midfield and finally fell back as central defender." 


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